Aug 9, 2019

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I will be moving most of this blog's content over to my WEBSITE. It was really fun blogging here for so many years (13+) and a BIG THANK YOU all for your amazing support!


Je vais transférer le contenu de ce blog vers mon SITE. Ce fut un vrai plaisir de blogger lors de ces 13 dernières années et je vous REMERCIE pour votre support!


Sep 24, 2018

| Hoverbike riding...

Speedpainting of the day... chilling out on hoverbikes with your friends in the desert!

Apr 30, 2018

| CADP gala

Hi, I really have a hard time updating this blog because of the practicality of other social media like Twitter and Instagram but it is here that I started to share my experimentation and techniques, so about the latest news:
I am taking a short break from teaching at Syn Studio following the graduation of our 1st cohort of the Concept Art Diploma Program but I am super proud of the experience and the students :) it was an intense run for you guys and us teachers, however it was worth every seconds, the great news is that we have had an amazing success rate at placing them in the local studios! Check the photos of the Gala :)
lately I have been focusing on creating my own design studio...  WEREWOLF Design  (more info coming soon), and the goal is to make sure things are done properly before revealing what it is all about so please be patient.
In the meantime I have finally transferred my website from Squarespace to Artstation and it looks great! Please let me know which type of artworks you prefer or what needs to be improved :)

Apr 1, 2018

| Happy Easter 2018

Joyeuses Paques tout le monde! Happy Easter everyone!
Now that the Spring is finally showing its nose I'll have more time to update this blog :) The Winter Term at Syn Studio is over and our 1st cohort of the Concept Art Diploma Program is about to graduate. Wow, it's been an amazing intensive 18 months already and I am so proud of the students, their portfolios are truly impressive!
In the meantime, here is a rapid speedpainting made on my iPad Pro using Procreate 4. Final touch up Photoshop CC. For once I started with a few really bad pencil sketches and uploaded them to Procreate (phone photo, sorry for the bad quality).
#speedpainting #werewolf #ipadpro #procreate #happyeaster

Feb 4, 2018

| Expedition Art: In Danger...

Some little updates on the illustrations i have done for our upcoming & amazing *In Danger* Book, the Expedition Art team worked really hard to find the best line up of artists you can dream of, don't believe me? check out the trailer below :)

Jan 24, 2018

| VPA #01...

My 1st Virtual Plein Air painting (VPA), it was very fun to do and i learned a ton, gotta do more now.made in Photoshop CC with lots of custom brushes, check out the MapCrunch link of the real Antarctica base, I couldn't stick to the existing setup (the sea is actually facing the other side and the mountain is not so dramatic) but i did try to stay true to the lighting and overall feel!
Adjusted the final image with the Nik Collection...
Step-by-step process...
#VirtualPleinAir #antarctica

Jan 1, 2018

| Happy New Year 2018

Bonne Année tout le monde! Happy New Year everyone! Yihaaaaaaa!!!
The temperatures here in Canada have been really brutal in the last few weeks, averaging -25°C or more, in the meantime I wish you all the best for 2018 :) So here is a speedpainting made on my iPad Pro using Procreate 4. Final touch up Photoshop CC
#sketch #FelizAnoNuevo #HappyNewYear #BonneAnnee #bigfoot #sasquatch #ipad #procreate #painting

Nov 26, 2017

| MUD - Containerhouse #7...

Since i went back to Ubisoft Montreal to work as a freelancer on one of their next AAA game, i've spent quite some time using SketchUp (SU) and was desperately looking for a solid, yet easy-to-use renderer. Martin told me about Kerkythea and it is indeed a pretty good solution for basic renderings as a starting point for paintovers. However i needed more options from the software, especially the possibility of saving different passes (depth, alpha, object Id, etc.) in order to save time in the selection process later.
Then after more research i found out about Thea Render and played with the trial version for a bit. It is a very elegant solution and has a really well integrated interface with SU.
I am currently testing Thea at work intensively to see how we can add it to our concept art pipeline, this is super exciting and i wanted to thank you Arjun for your amazing support and providing me with a full license :)
There is also a stand alone version which i still haven't used honestly but it offers many more possibilities to adjust and create textures/shaders/materials and in-depth lighting/shading settings.
But for now just experimenting with the integrated SU renderer is enough and it provides great renderings already as you can see below. Of course the final rendering quality depends on the size of your output image and the amount of time you will allow to do its magic, so if you stop early it could be very grainy. Recently i discovered that with the new resample image size in Photoshop CC ( make sure to use Preserve Details 2.0), there is no need to go for an ultra high resolution render anymore, trust me it works really well.
I'd suggest to try something in the 2.5K range and then resize it in PS and voilà!
The great think about working in a team is that you always learn new things. My co-workers John Bigorgne & Pat Lambert are using the Google Nik Collection and it's awesome!!! For those who don't know it, it is a powerful photo editing plug-in for PS with tons of great analog filters and photographic adjustment tools. The images below are a good example of the possibilities it offers.
Now a good render is only the beginning and i wanted to see how useful it could be in my process for some paintings for the MUD project. I have used a few models from the SU warehouse and kit bashed them to get to this point (so all copyrights belong to their respective owners) this is a very fast way to create an interesting base IMO. Final image coming soon :)
#hovercraft #mud #containerhouse #fog #thearender

Nov 18, 2017

| The Cave...

This is a project that i've worked on around 2016 for an artbook but it has since been postponed... indefinitely. I experimented a bit with Modo and the idea was to keep fleshing out some ideas for my I.P project MUD.

I want to revisit the concept of anamorphic sculptures later on other images, i think there is always something fascinating about discovering the secret hidden in the spatial layout of skewed and slanted shapes (somewhat related to the weird little guys in the foreground). This was just a test but a good base for more explorations! At the time i was still working at SEM and this explains the little appearance here by Lara ;-)
#mud #cave #modo

Oct 31, 2017

| Happy Halloween 2017...

SOoo here we are, what a warm day and Happy Halloween everyone with the creepy twin-slashers Butter & Nut! Made almost entirely in Procreate with my iPad Pro and very rapidly polished in Photoshop, voila!
When I cut that butternut squash open, I knew I had to do something with it... besides a great soup! And I really couldn't resist to take a pic and paint-over that one, enjoy the process video below  

Sep 30, 2017

| Tiltbrush VR JazzFest 2017...

Here is what I've been up to lately, lots of experimentation with Oculus and VR! This summer i had the chance to create a 360 scene using Google Tiltbrush and it was made for the awesome ICI Musique container-booth at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal on Place-des-Arts.
It was such a great project to work on, it was a completely free, which explains the attendance and people really loved the experience. A big thank you to all the people at Mosaic, the technicians and crew! Check for more information on Behance HERE!
I had to learn the software on the spot and only had 2 weeks to complete everything, including technical tests and figuring out file export issues (made in Oculus but played on the HTC Vive). The great thing is that Olivier the art director gave me complete freedom on the subject, below you can see some of the early stages.
The goal was to find a way to represent the essence of the Jazz Fest as well as to include Montreal's famous landmarks in one simple, interesting 360 scenery, so i have decided to go for a cartoony style.
In the middle of the place, a jazzman is playing a strange instrument directly inspired by Gaston's gaffophone and surrounded by his mighty mice's band. The music is flying around us and invite the viewers to participate (means adding their own notes) into this little midnight's dreamy fantasy...
If you went to the event and have tried it, please let me know your thoughts and impressions, i can't wait to work on another stunt like this one :)
#tiltbrush #oculustouch #htcvive #vr #montrealjazzfest #fijm2017 #icimusique #lateliervirtuel #cestmongenre #375mtl #montreal #MosaicMTL

Jun 19, 2017

| SSGM 2017...

Hello everyone,

We're almost there and this year's line up of artists is again super impressive with Karla Ortiz, Nathan Fowkes, Ian McQue, Matt Rhodes, Rasmus Poulsen and many others! I am very proud to be part of the organization of such an event, thanks to Jean-Loic FontaineAnthony Walsh, Courtney, Arun and the whole team working hard to make this project such a success.
Syn Studio’s Gathering of Masters is a small, laid back festival with lots of socializing and interaction between the invited guests and the participating artists. A mix of talks, interactive workshops and fun activities, it is a gathering where artists share their knowledge, connect with each other and work together to develop and push the boundaries of their illustration, design and art direction skills.
There will be 8 speakers and about 60 participants so it will be an intimate event where people can have direct access to the speakers and be part of the conversation.
The workshop is presented by Syn Studio’s Concept Art Diploma Program and sponsored by Wacom and ArtStation.
In the meantime check this promo videos of the GOM 2016 below, in which i presented a talk on my  creative process about Design Thinking called Design 2.0.

#barontieri #SynStudio #GatheringOfMasters 
See you there :)

May 7, 2017

| Expedition Art: Project Roar004...

This is the first art book we are going to publish at Expedition Art and it is for the benefits of the Endangered Species, we have gathered an amazing line up among the most well known artists in the Entertainment industry to illustrate those animals. I have chosen Andrias Davidianus or commonly named Chinese giant salamander (another entry in my Luv' animal series).
For this particular project, i decided to try something new and started to sculpt in VR using Oculus Medium, a great intuitive sculpting software made by Oculus. You can check some of my other models HERE. The Touch controllers are very precise and the virtual space makes for a perfect workshop, easy and fun!!
The salamander final model finished, it was now ready for the next stage. I then imported it in PS CC and started adjusting the shapes, size, colors, etc to give it a little bit more sharpness and tension.
Below is a little step-by step of the whole illustrative process, i knew since the beginning that i would add outlines on top of the model but it needed a lot of refining before that. It took me roughly 6/8 hours to sculpt in Medium (while learning the tools) and about 3h in Photoshop to finish this painting. I really enjoyed this new pipeline and i'll certainly be doing a lot more of that in the future!
#expeditionart #endangeredspecies #giantsalamander

Jan 21, 2017

| Nostalgiafolio : Chuck Russell Productions...

Still digging the hardrive and finding some interesting things. I have done a few illustrations for a film pitch back in 2006 for Mr. Chuck Russell, the director of The Blob, The Mask and other exciting B-Movies. I met him in L.A and it was a very pleasant encounter, such a great character!
I can't say much about the content of this project but at the time it was exciting, unfortunately now so many movies has been made on a similar subject that I don't think it has any future unfortunately.