Apr 30, 2018

| CADP gala

Hi, I really have a hard time updating this blog because of the practicality of other social media like Twitter and Instagram but it is here that I started to share my experimentation and techniques, so about the latest news:
I am taking a short break from teaching at Syn Studio following the graduation of our 1st cohort of the Concept Art Diploma Program but I am super proud of the experience and the students :) it was an intense run for you guys and us teachers, however it was worth every seconds, the great news is that we have had an amazing success rate at placing them in the local studios! Check the photos of the Gala :)
lately I have been focusing on creating my own design studio...  WEREWOLF Design  (more info coming soon), and the goal is to make sure things are done properly before revealing what it is all about so please be patient.
In the meantime I have finally transferred my website from Squarespace to Artstation and it looks great! Please let me know which type of artworks you prefer or what needs to be improved :)

Apr 1, 2018

| Happy Easter 2018

Joyeuses Paques tout le monde! Happy Easter everyone!
Now that the Spring is finally showing its nose I'll have more time to update this blog :) The Winter Term at Syn Studio is over and our 1st cohort of the Concept Art Diploma Program is about to graduate. Wow, it's been an amazing intensive 18 months already and I am so proud of the students, their portfolios are truly impressive!
In the meantime, here is a rapid speedpainting made on my iPad Pro using Procreate 4. Final touch up Photoshop CC. For once I started with a few really bad pencil sketches and uploaded them to Procreate (phone photo, sorry for the bad quality).
#speedpainting #werewolf #ipadpro #procreate #happyeaster

Feb 4, 2018

| Expedition Art: In Danger...

Some little updates on the illustrations i have done for our upcoming & amazing *In Danger* Book, the Expedition Art team worked really hard to find the best line up of artists you can dream of, don't believe me? check out the trailer below :)

Jan 24, 2018

| VPA #01...

My 1st Virtual Plein Air painting (VPA), it was very fun to do and i learned a ton, gotta do more now.made in Photoshop CC with lots of custom brushes, check out the MapCrunch link of the real Antarctica base, I couldn't stick to the existing setup (the sea is actually facing the other side and the mountain is not so dramatic) but i did try to stay true to the lighting and overall feel!
Adjusted the final image with the Nik Collection...
Step-by-step process...
#VirtualPleinAir #antarctica

Jan 1, 2018

| Happy New Year 2018

Bonne Année tout le monde! Happy New Year everyone! Yihaaaaaaa!!!
The temperatures here in Canada have been really brutal in the last few weeks, averaging -25°C or more, in the meantime I wish you all the best for 2018 :) So here is a speedpainting made on my iPad Pro using Procreate 4. Final touch up Photoshop CC
#sketch #FelizAnoNuevo #HappyNewYear #BonneAnnee #bigfoot #sasquatch #ipad #procreate #painting