May 7, 2017

| Expedition Art: Project Roar004...

This is the first art book we are going to publish at Expedition Art and it is for the benefits of the Endangered Species, we have gathered an amazing line up among the most well known artists in the Entertainment industry to illustrate those animals. I have chosen Andrias Davidianus or commonly named Chinese giant salamander (another entry in my Luv' animal series).
For this particular project, i decided to try something new and started to sculpt in VR using Oculus Medium, a great intuitive sculpting software made by Oculus. You can check some of my other models HERE. The Touch controllers are very precise and the virtual space makes for a perfect workshop, easy and fun!!
The salamander final model finished, it was now ready for the next stage. I then imported it in PS CC and started adjusting the shapes, size, colors, etc to give it a little bit more sharpness and tension.
Below is a little step-by step of the whole illustrative process, i knew since the beginning that i would add outlines on top of the model but it needed a lot of refining before that. It took me roughly 6/8 hours to sculpt in Medium (while learning the tools) and about 3h in Photoshop to finish this painting. I really enjoyed this new pipeline and i'll certainly be doing a lot more of that in the future!
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