Jul 7, 2016

| SEM bye bye...

Today was my last day at Square-Enix Montreal and i'm retiring from my position as the Studio's Art Director but also from the videogame industry. Yes... indeed, i have been in this field since December 1995, which seems like a few lives ago, it is time for me to move forward to my second career... announcement coming soon :)
Thank you Patrick, Dom and the whole team at SEM/Eidos for giving me the chance to work with y'all on some amazing games, we won multiple Awards and i'll be forever proud/grateful of that mobile adventure, it's the future and you guys are in the best position to keep creating some great experiences and memories! I can't wait to play #DeusExGO.
Merci mille fois, ce n'est qu'un au-revoir...
Last meal with the team :)

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