Dec 7, 2015

| GO Awards...

Really it is this kind of unexpected week where you receive a lot of great feedback from the games you've worked so hard over the last months or years. Yesterday we brought back Best iOS Game for Lara Croft GO and Best Technology for Hitman: Sniper at the Canadian Video Game Awards 2015. And btw, Hitman GO is coming to PS4 and Vita soon :)
But the the "Apple" on the cake is definitely the AppStore2015 and iPhone Game of the Year award (last year was another great stylized game > Monument Valley).
SOo if you haven't played any of these titles, maybe now you know they are actually really good and that I wasn't bluffing! Here is an early illustration for the game when we were still looking for the art style...
#laracroftgo #squareenixmontreal #tombraider

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