Oct 19, 2015

| Boxtape show...

It's voting day here in Canada and hopefully we'll finally get rid of Harper for good, although the potential new Prime Minister may well be from the Liberal party... which also means that we are fucked anyway. Our democracies are dead!
At least I just came back from a really interesting and beautiful interactive performance called #Boxtape, my friend and climbing partner Sonia Reboul was there, she is the marketing & com director at Tangente Danse (the company organizing the event).
Sarah and I spent a good time at the show, using the free available tape rolls to create ephemeral sculptures and contribute to the evolving and intricate spiderweb display. Go check it out if you can, last day is tomorrow.
my little contribution, LUV!
It was a fun night at the Paper Factory in Griffintown, although I forgot how intense the gentrification process was in this area. #boxtape #TangenteDanse
*UPDATE* we finally did get rid of Harper, HOoo happy day!!!