Feb 15, 2015

| Shaping SHAPE UP - Part #1...

I have proudly worked almost 2 years on the latest arcade-fitness game by Ubisoft; Shape Up and even though it didn't make much noise, it was a fun project created by a dedicated small team and the visual result is still very original. I'll put some more artworks soon and in the meantime here are some screenshots of the crazy environments we made which will give you an idea of our general art direction. #shapeup
Training rings (WORKOUT mountain and island)
ARCTIC PUNCH submarine and secret robot island (SMTTM)
Mexican pueblo (KNEE UP SPLASH) and pirate lair (PUSH THEM UP)
Arcade space station (ABS ZAPPER) and J-pop space concert (PIANO STEP)
Inspiration concept art for the Shape Up Battle Run companion app available on Android and iOS.


Shawn said...

really cool! love the style, colours, and funky'ness

Thierry Doizon said...

Thanks Shawn, we need to try it at work :)