Feb 22, 2015

| Shaping SHAPE UP - Part #2...

Here are some early visual development researches when I joined the project. They had already started a year before my arrival and they needed to fill the Art Director's position because Serge moved to Child of Light. At the time it was supposed to be a family game and a sequel to the Your Shape franchise with a new type of gameplay based on the motto "gamify fitness". The game was a surprisingly fun and efficient workout but on the art side it was a mess for many reasons: 3 people-only art team with the unfair pressure to create exciting graphics for a "next-gen" game, an unrealistic scope for such a small team, a fuzzy target, a broken engine, too many chiefs with too many different visions which means... too many compromises and in the end a totally flavorless product!
SNOWBALL challenge, unfortunately cancelled...
paintover of the early WORKOUT environments...
My mission was to bring something unique and appealing while respecting the work already in place, all in all on a VERY tight schedule. Well it was clearly a difficult task and it failed! I always wanted to make something stylized, bright and colorful but it meant taking a lot of risks and starting from scratch, during the following months of production the results started to feel quite visually unimaginative for the same reasons stated before, a semi-realistic mash up of interesting settings and ideas but poorly executed, in short too many compromises again. #shapeup
early version of PIANO STEP...
ARCADE low-poly art direction, when everything shifted!
ABS ZAPPER space arcade challenge!

Feb 15, 2015

| Shaping SHAPE UP - Part #1...

I have proudly worked almost 2 years on the latest arcade-fitness game by Ubisoft; Shape Up and even though it didn't make much noise, it was a fun project created by a dedicated small team and the visual result is still very original. I'll put some more artworks soon and in the meantime here are some screenshots of the crazy environments we made which will give you an idea of our general art direction. #shapeup
Training rings (WORKOUT mountain and island)
ARCTIC PUNCH submarine and secret robot island (SMTTM)
Mexican pueblo (KNEE UP SPLASH) and pirate lair (PUSH THEM UP)
Arcade space station (ABS ZAPPER) and J-pop space concert (PIANO STEP)
Inspiration concept art for the Shape Up Battle Run companion app available on Android and iOS.