Sep 29, 2014

| Home office...

VacatioOons!!! Yes at last, now that I have officially been released from Shape Up I can enjoy some well deserved time off! It was also a good moment to clean my desktop, so I got rid of my old PC tower, bought a nice Thunderbolt monitor and all the accessories like speakers, Wacom Intuos Pro, keyboard...etc. are now neatly plugged to the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock. No more clutter, it's a perfect setup and it's the 1st time in almost a year that I'm excited to seat here and be ready to work again :)
Ikea hack, efficient and clutter-free setup
Plug the laptop to these 2 cables and vamos!
I'm not a pro Apple at all but I have to admit that it is the best workstation I've ever had and the 27"monitor is just incredible. Don't hesitate to share your own setup and any tips to improve efficiency.


Yan cyr-haschigk said...

This is great. I'm happy you adopted my strategy and plugged in your laptop on a great monitor and use it with dual screens!

Thierry Doizon said...

Hehe Yan it's actually very practical indeed, I realized it's still better for me to use an Intuos/desktop rather than a tablet PC as my main painting tool... still looking for the best portable digital sketchbook and my Surface Pro 3 is too big for that purpose.