Aug 18, 2014

| NBM3...

I haven't posted anything exciting for a long while and there are a lot of reasons. First, we are working like crazy to finish our game, which means lots of office hours, and also because when I finally have a little bit of free time, it's easily spent with my relatives and outside paddling... basically it feels like an overdose of computers. However it's difficult to escape some previous engagements so here is a little update on another project with the Nuthin' but Mech crew, I'll be featured in the #3 book so there is some obvious pressure here > the artists are simply fantastic and their content is beyond awesomeness...  can't slack on that one!!!
The final image will be exclusive to the book but I still can share the process, and these sketches :-)
Sketchup/PS, WIP research for Image #1 without any "mech" yet... #nuthinbutmech3 

Aug 2, 2014

| Fantasia reviews...

Le jeu sur lequel je travaille s'approche rapidement de la fin, c'est une periode vraiment intense et ca ne me laisse que peu d'energie pour travailler sur mes projets persos. D'un autre cote, j'ai la chance cette annee, de faire partie du groupe des bloggers d'Ubisoft pour le festival Fantasia, ca fait presque 10 ans que j'y vais, le rassemblement parfait pour les amateurs de serie B et films de genre!
L'avantage c'est d'avoir un passe-Presse et d'eviter les line-ups interminables, ca change ma perspective sur l'evennement et je peux me concentrer davantage sur le contenu, merci Christophe Gagne pour cette opportunite ;-)