May 2, 2014

| XD Theater invasion...

Last summer I accepted to take on a freelance job for a friend working at Triotech, (a cool Montreal-based Cie. creating their own multi-sensory interactive attractions)  I was really busy already and only did it because he insisted. At least it was a different experience working for a 3D XD ride interactive short film, especially a Sci-fi one!
The goal was to make a classic "Aliens" type of story with quite stereotyped environments, creatures and vehicles so people felt at ease during the spooky ride. I invite you to go and try their XD theaters if you spot one in your area, it's a lot of fun!
SO... here are some Alien soldiers and their beloved slimy Queen, as I said it is not surprising but it was an interesting challenge to try to design something just slightly different from the usual space-bugs.

The fun part was to design a "transformer" type of heavy-armored buggy, that can also roll'n fly. I wish I had more time to spend defining all the details.

It was taking too much of my energy so I only worked on 2 interiors, the cockpit and a generic corridor. The challenge with 3D movie scenes is to add a lot of depth using objects or industrial parts that stick out for no reasons just because it looks cool on screen.

And I took the opportunity to learn a bit of SketchUp and V-Ray to block out a rough model of the Human spaceship (#10 was chosen, of course not my favorite)