Mar 4, 2014

| Super homme...

Honestly I personally never liked Superman as a superhero, with his ridiculous costume, logo, panties and overkill powers. When Ken came one day to tell me we had to make a pitch with this guy I was horrified, after Outrun and its douchebag plot, now the big muscles! It took me a while to give up to my professional conscience (weak!) and here are the results, can't remember exactly why the deal with Warner Bros. died but for once it felt good to lose a battle without going too far into prototyping :)

Epic boss battle!
Preliminary sketches
Main characters

| Outrun...

Old illustration pitch for an Outrun-style game... for K.W, it made me realize how bad and sexist the whole setup was, how surprising? so I'm glad we never had to follow up on this.