Jan 11, 2014

| Testing...

Yesss I do like the Surface pro 2! Because it is a great tablet PC and its form factor is really practical, here is a speedie live portrait done in Sketchbook Pro just a few minutes ago at a café in Montreal. The Surface came with us in our recent road trips and we both loved it for surfing and blogging but I didn't spend any time drawing or painting, which was my initial reason to get it. I'll post some more images very soon but what I can say is that the Bamboo Stylus Feel is a nice addition and the tablet works really well.
Café speedpainting tests using the Wacom Bamboo Feel pen
The main advantages of a tablet PC over the traditional laptop + graphic tablet configuration is its versatility and ergonomic (and definitely footprint), you can handle it the way you want much like you do with a classic sketchbook, it's small and easy to use. With its integrated kickstand and added keyboard it is a breeze to use the Surface Pro and it was very comfortable in the position you see above, allowing me to use the shortcuts while painting. Yup, even if Sketchbook Pro's interface has been perfectly optimized for touch screens it's still faster with a keyboard, btw this is a great software and I highly recommend it! Reminds me so much of traditional medias.

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