Jan 15, 2014

| Racer Nation - Part #1...

I just had a discussion with a friend and ex-Trapdoor guy and it ended up being very nostalgic, we had a great time over-there and the opportunity to try multiple genres, on different platforms. Here is the first part of a larger dump of illustrations/works done for an Ipad game we were working on after cancelling Heist. It was a retro-Sci-Fi asynchronous arcade-racing game with very tight controls, stunts and flames... it was also super addictive and supposed to be free-to-play. Mmmmehh too bad we couldn't release it! The cool 3D environments and level art below were mainly done by the art team and Yan Mongrain!
Loading screens teamwork and RSR (early name) promo poster test inspired by the F1 Grand Prix of the 60's 
Some environment speedpainting researches done for the background of the interactive 3D menu selection. 
The idea was to base our 1st models on classic cars such as the Shelby Cobra and the F1 Ferrari 1967 because we wanted to bring back the feeling of raw danger of competing in that era and let's face it, we love their shapes. So our futuristic world was about an underground extreme competition of nostalgic racers wanting to feel the engines, open cockpit, smoke and madness of the past. Research paintovers below.

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