Dec 17, 2012

| Heist...

More things here, you can see some early researches for the main characters and the basic guards. After the demo ended I decided to change the overall look of the characters for something more unique in terms of proportions and textures, we wanted a different approach and started experimenting with shaders and silhouettes, unfortunately the project stopped before we could finalize it. (P.Os over Gabriel, Mike's base models).
I wanted to do something different for the Hero's love interest, to move on from the traditional sexist and stereotyped representation and the female tropes in the game industry. She was supposed to be a thief too, probably even better/fun than him, however I didn't have enough time to spend on researches, such a shame, she was my favorite character. (P.O over Martin's Citizen base model).

Dec 16, 2012

| R.I.P...

Trapdoor has now officially closed its... doors, it's been a great ride for 2 years and a half with an amazing team and some fun, original and creative projects. We've worked on a few games, some were cancelled, some will probably never see the light of your monitors but at least we've had some good times!!!
Heist (codename) started right after WARP as a side-scroller stealth-action game for XBLA and PSN but due to a weakening online console market (for us Indie developers that said) we canned it after about 6 months worth of work and cool visual experimentation,  it was a devastating but justified decision. I'll be posting some of the things we've done. Check this demo!
Early concept art and POs (paint-over) for the demo and the main characters. It was a great team effort!

Dec 5, 2012

| Hey voleur...

Some illustrations done for a rushed game-pitch at Trapdoor about 2 years ago while working on WARP.