Dec 26, 2011

| Xmas time...

Pretty slow in here I know... I'm exhausted but happy, because we've just finished working on WARP and it's perhaps the best game I ever worked on after more than 16 years in the industry, a downloadable title doesn't mean a dumbed-down version of a AAA, in the contrary being an "Indy" developer means more creative freedom and content control.
It's been an amazing project with a great team and we are now starting the conception of our next game! Anyway I wish y'all a merry Xmas break and a happy New Year 2012, may the Mayan Gods help us transition this terrible world into a more spiritual one! Here are a few images to support the mARTketing campaign, I forgot to post the Thanksgiving turkeyXperiment so here it is :)


Tejero said...
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Morghadai said...

Wow, impressive, as allways.

Every single one of your works keeps me trying to improve my -really bad- skills.

About WARP, well, semms really appealing! :D

And... Happy new year 2012!

Sorry for my english, as I'm not native.