Dec 26, 2011

| Raclette...

Alright, I'm still trying to recover from last night's Raclette, it was good but so filling too! An illustration I made a while ago for Steampainting #2 and inspired by the amazing make-up from the tribes of the Omo valley, also a landscape speedie made about an hour ago.

| Xmas time...

Pretty slow in here I know... I'm exhausted but happy, because we've just finished working on WARP and it's perhaps the best game I ever worked on after more than 16 years in the industry, a downloadable title doesn't mean a dumbed-down version of a AAA, in the contrary being an "Indy" developer means more creative freedom and content control.
It's been an amazing project with a great team and we are now starting the conception of our next game! Anyway I wish y'all a merry Xmas break and a happy New Year 2012, may the Mayan Gods help us transition this terrible world into a more spiritual one! Here are a few images to support the mARTketing campaign, I forgot to post the Thanksgiving turkeyXperiment so here it is :)

Sep 28, 2011

| Kotaku...

I recently had the surprise of being exposed twice on KOTAKU's Fine Art section, revealing some concept art images I made for the games; Prince of Persia and Deux Ex: Human Revolution. All images belong to their respective owners, Ubisoft and Eidos/Square Enix. Problem is that my website has rapidly reached its bandwith limit!
"Beach" has been recently used for the last cover of Advanced Photoshop magazine #87. Thanks a lot Julie :)

Jun 6, 2011

| Smokey!..

I've been really busy on the project WARP and preparing E3, means lots of work and not much time to speedpaint but here is a little test on smoke and fire.

Apr 20, 2011

| SOP 2011...

I was unfortunately very late to work on this piece for SOP but I wanted to paint the Tibetan wild yaks (Os mutus) in the Harmony category (9). My main idea was to represent a potential catastrophic/futuristic Tibet ravaged by floods and earthquakes in the background (due to global warming after effects), have 2 proud yaks and a friendly kid in the foreground. Sounds good but with almost no time left I made it simple, they are supposed to symbolize the reconstruction of the area by a new generation working harmoniously along with the local animals. Share One Planet is a Wild Animals CG Art Elites Invitational Competition, mine is certainly not an Elite submission but at least I've done it! All made using PS CS4 a few hours before the deadline!

Apr 2, 2011

| /Airport...

Because I travel quite often, I spend a lot of time inside these strange places called Airports. It's like a love/hate relationship and I wanted to paint it, in the end it ended up looking like a music album cover... whatever! Image done this afternoon while I'm stuck at home with a flu instead of snowskating, and yes I guess I miss the sun a bit. PS CS4 bidouillage, inspired by some of my travel photo references.

Feb 12, 2011

| 11.11.11...

2 research mood paintings done for Carambola, water has become pretty rare, towns are dirty and fishing isn't easy! Customized hover-crafts are often replacing cars and boats.

Jan 5, 2011

| 2011...

Happy New Year!!! 1st post of the year 2011, not a lot of ideas so here is a little quickie playing with custom PS rock brushes at lunch.