Sep 20, 2016

| Syn Studio Summer Vernissage...

Kick off the Fall season at our Vernissage this week! Here's some of the fun things you have to look forward to. Check out the event page and invite your friends: admission is free!
Débutez la saison d'automne à notre Vernissage cette semaine! Voici un aperçu de ce qui aura lieu. Allez voir la page d'évènement Facebook et invitez vos amis: l'admission est gratuite!

Jul 7, 2016

| SEM bye bye...

Today was my last day at Square-Enix Montreal and i'm retiring from my position as the Studio's Art Director but also from the videogame industry. Yes... indeed, i have been in this field since December 1995, which seems like a few lives ago, it is time for me to move forward to my second career... announcement coming soon :)
Thank you Patrick, Dom and the whole team at SEM/Eidos for giving me the chance to work with y'all on some amazing games, we won multiple Awards and i'll be forever proud/grateful of that mobile adventure, it's the future and you guys are in the best position to keep creating some great experiences and memories! I can't wait to play #DeusExGO.
Merci mille fois, ce n'est qu'un au-revoir...
Last meal with the team :)

Jun 30, 2016

| The Gathering of Masters...

Please join us at Syn Studio for the SSGM 2016 and three days of Masterclasses, interactive workshops and fun activities with some of the best artists in the Entertainment Industry. I will be presenting a workshop about creative thinking and Design 2.0.

Apr 29, 2016

| SEM Artjam #2...

Here is the second illustration done for Square-Enix's Artjam #2, a mandatory art assignment i've put in place last year for the art team. The goal is to encourage our little crew to improve their creative skills and refresh their souls while working hard on our game productions. The subject this time was: HOMESICK.
When i think of home, my family and friends come obviously to my mind, however there is something consistent that followed us from Toamasina to France, even to Mali. You can find a lot of cheap semi-precious stones in Madagascar and as far as i can remember, we always had some beautiful geodes displayed at home. I wanted to use them in a different context, indeed, space seems like the ultimate step in Mankind's exploration of its surroundings and my guess is that it'll affect a lot of the early explorers, both mentally and physically. Being homesick will probably take a whole lot more meaning then :)

Apr 10, 2016

| Nice legs...

A preparatory sketch for a book i am working on, more to come soon promise.

Feb 2, 2016

| Mudtown building...

I'm working really hard at Square-Enix right now and have at least 3 side projects in parallel which is really affecting my sleep. Personal illustrations are pretty rare, this one is quite old and i've decided to give it a second pass rapidly in order to do something, just trying to add some details and information to the scene and see what happens...

Jan 29, 2016

| ExA Newsletter...

The Expedition Art team is getting ready for a couple of fundraisers and a big trip to the Zimbabwe in hopes of helping to bring some conservation and education awareness about one of the oldest mammals on this planet. So here is a painting I've just started (inspired by the amazing Art of Benjamin Bjorklund)... please sign up for our newsletter and help us help the Rhinos!

Search & Create!  #ExpeditionArt 

Dec 21, 2015

| Happy holidays 2015...

I wish y'all a  Merry Xmas  and a  happy break  enjoy the last few days of 2015, have fun! Bonnes Fetes, Joyeux Noel, fetez-ca bien et on se revoit bientot pour une nouvelle annee pleine de creativite, de delire et d'amour! bizZZzz... T.
Dim Sum loves a good cake! #JoyeuxNoel

Dec 7, 2015

| GO Awards...

Really it is this kind of unexpected week where you receive a lot of great feedback from the games you've worked so hard over the last months or years. Yesterday we brought back Best iOS Game for Lara Croft GO and Best Technology for Hitman: Sniper at the Canadian Video Game Awards 2015. And btw, Hitman GO is coming to PS4 and Vita soon :)
But the the "Apple" on the cake is definitely the AppStore2015 and iPhone Game of the Year award (last year was another great stylized game > Monument Valley).
SOo if you haven't played any of these titles, maybe now you know they are actually really good and that I wasn't bluffing! Here is an early illustration for the game when we were still looking for the art style...
#laracroftgo #squareenixmontreal #tombraider

Dec 5, 2015

| Comic books...

For lack of updates on some personal artworks here are a few random news, lately thanks to the presence of our new concept artist Sarah at the Square-Enix office, the last months has been very productive and much more creative. we went out to a lot of exhibits and shows, notably the Expozine 2015.  It's a great small local & international press fair with lots of alternative zines, illustrators and comic book artist, all in all a very imaginative crowd!
It was impossible to come back empty-handed though, so here is what I brought in the bag: local star Michel Falardeau's Combats ultimes de roi de la montagne, de celebrites, pis tute. I really dig his style and humor, totally stupid yet very funny!
A little trippy book called Fungidelic by Stanley & William Wany.
Last night we went to a cocktail event at La Pasteque, a French publishing house with a nice cosy place here in the Mile-End district, thanks to Sarah who knows a few residents of the studio like Matt Forsythe and Genevieve Godbout. They have an interesting roster of authors and great original comic books. Isabelle Arsenault is really classy and super talented, I bought her comic book Jane, le renard & moi, and she made this cool dedicace, thanks a lot Isabelle.  It was a pleasant evening followed by a good meal at la Panthere Verte.

Now all of this motivates me a lot, gotta go back to the drawing board!

Dec 3, 2015

| LC GO-TY...

Great news, in addition to being the Editor's choice on all platforms we just won the Best Mobile/Handheld Game of the Year for Lara Croft GO at the Game Awards 2015, although I'm never really fond of those self-congratulatory events it still a nice award for the hard-working team at SEM. Congrats guys, it was worth the effort :)
You can play the game with the addition of our latest DLC The Shard of Life, I'm honestly really proud of this title, available on iOS, Android and soon Windows
Thanks a lot to all the players for your support, give us your feedback so we can keep improving, cheers! #laracroftgo #squareenixmontreal #tombraider

Oct 19, 2015

| Boxtape show...

It's voting day here in Canada and hopefully we'll finally get rid of Harper for good, although the potential new Prime Minister may well be from the Liberal party... which also means that we are fucked anyway. Our democracies are dead!
At least I just came back from a really interesting and beautiful interactive performance called #Boxtape, my friend and climbing partner Sonia Reboul was there, she is the marketing & com director at Tangente Danse (the company organizing the event).
Sarah and I spent a good time at the show, using the free available tape rolls to create ephemeral sculptures and contribute to the evolving and intricate spiderweb display. Go check it out if you can, last day is tomorrow.
my little contribution, LUV!
It was a fun night at the Paper Factory in Griffintown, although I forgot how intense the gentrification process was in this area. #boxtape #TangenteDanse
*UPDATE* we finally did get rid of Harper, HOoo happy day!!!

Aug 9, 2015

| Lara Croft GO...

Early concept pieces I've made for Lara Croft GO, the game is aimed at mobile platforms and started with a vertical screen setup, we ended up choosing an horizontal format as it surely conveys a better sense of adventure. It will be released soon on August 27th 2015 check for more info HERE you are all invited to participate in the Art Contest, clock is ticking, good luck and see you at PAX Prime in Seattle for the results. 
Copyright © Square-Enix Montreal 2015
#laracroftgo #squareenixmontreal #tombraider

May 15, 2015

| update...

I have finally decided to refresh my outdated website, it's about time yes I know! It should be up and running soon and will be easier to update on my side!
And I found this on my backups, a step-by-step of the Monkey King that I've made for the book by CYPI: 72 Transformations. #barontieri